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  • What delivery times and other information do we have for your banners?

    You can get the banners of Helloprint with lightning speed. You can choose multiple options for your delivery, hereby the options for banners:

    Next day
    2 working days
    3 working days
    4 working days
    5 working days
    6 working days

    At Helloprint have one deadline for different turnaround timess: for all banners, the deadline for uploading your file is 01.30PM. You want to know which deadline applies to you? Hereby an overview:

    Budget banner material
    All quantities - 01.30PM deadline

    Standard banner material
    All quantities - 01.30PM deadline

    Wind Proof: MESH Canvas
    All quantities - 01.30PM deadline

    Blockout (Both sides)
    All quantities - 01.30PM deadline

    Delivery date only applies if your artwork is uploaded and approved.

  • Which type of material can I choose?

    Budget banner material
    These banners are made from basic PVC-material. We recommend single usage both indoor and outdoor. The matt coating keeps your design sharp and clear.

    Standard banner material
    These banners are made from special PVC-material. This makes them extremely sturdy and suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage. The matt coating keeps your design sharp & clear.

    Wind Proof: MESH Canvas
    Due to the material/texture of Mesh Canvas, the edges can have a slightly different appearance when the canvas is folded over and sewn with the rings in place. Ideal for longer term outdoor use, as the perforated material allows the wind to pass through it with less resistance.

    Blockout (Both sides)
    Blockout Banners are slightly thicker and unlike other banners, not transparent. Perfect to print on both sides!

  • How do I know if my uploaded files are correct?

    Are you not sure if your uploaded files are correct? No problem! At Helloprint we check your files thoroughly – every time. We offer two possibilities with our file check:

    With our basic file check (which is free), we check your uploaded files on all visible aspects, such as if the format and size is correct (if it is not correct according to our standards, we can scale your design/file to the standard format)

    With our thorough artwork check (which costs an additional 10), we check your uploaded files in more detail, offer a digital proof and can make minor adjustments to size and scale.

  • How do I request a quote?

    If you want to request a quote because you can’t find the product you want then please use this link.

    Before you request a quote, we would like to point out the following matters:
    Using varying sorts of paper can lead to higher prices because we cannot combine these orders with our other orders.
    Distinctive formats can lead to higher prices, but we will always try to reduce this as much as possible but combining these with our standard production runs.

    Here you can find our standard assortment.

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